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Length: 75 pgs.
WGA Registration #-01530A
Copyright #-6PYYH2
Logline: Derek, a young man who is shot, hospitalized, and presumed dead, appears to Abby in ghost form. Abby falls in love with Derek’s image and later discover that Derek is still alive. Join Abby through this bizarre love story, and catch a glimpse of true love as Abby falls in love with her future husband.
Synopsis: Amber, a young child, asks her parents how they met. The mother’s description takes the audience back in time. Derek is a young man who is shot when approaching an intruder in his home. Derek is hospitalized deep in a coma. Abby, a young woman, moves into Derek’s house. As Abby is moving into the house, she comes across some pictures of Derek and falls in love with Derek’s image. At that same time, Derek appears to Abby in the form of a ghost. Meanwhile, Derek remains in a coma, but still communicates with Abby in an almost physical way. One evening, Abby’s friend Tiffany comes over to spend the night and celebrate her birthday. When that evening is about to come to an end, Tiffany sees Derek in ghost form. Abby, anxious to find out Derek’s condition, calls the hospital and they erroneously tells her that Derek is deceased.  The joyous outcome is coming! As Abby is planting flowers in her front yard, Derek approaches her from behind. Join Abby as she first falls in love with Derek’s image, and then falls madly in love with him as a person when she finds out that Derek was alive the entire time.
Length:74 pgs.
WGA Registration #-01530A
Copyright #-TXU1-627-246
Logline: Joshua, a young christian man suffering the consequences of his addiction to drugs, must overcome the struggles within. Follow Joshua as his love and close relationship with God helps him to overcome his addiction.
Synopsis: After a long night of partying, Joshua returns home and collapses on his kitchen floor from a drug overdose. Joshua’s parents find him, and immediately call nine-one-one. Joshua is admitted to the detox unit where he is diagnosed with alcohol and cocaine addiction. While Joshua is in the hospital, his parents return home to get some of his clothes and unexpectedly find a few bags of cocaine in his dresser drawer. After finding this slow killing drug, Joshua’s parents return to the hospital and talk Joshua into entering a thirty day drug rehabilitation program. The battle of life and death are about to begin!


After being discharged from the hospital the following day, Joshua is admitted to a thirty day Christian drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. During the first couple days in rehab. Joshua begins suffering the consequences of his addiction and discovers that there is no easy solution to becoming free from his struggles. After a few days, Joshua attempts to leave the program. But, by the loving grace of God, Joshua is encouraged to stay and turn his burdens over to Christ. As time goes on, Joshua soon discovers that he can not get through the program without prayer and encouragement from his peers and counselors.


Upon being released from rehab, Joshua is reunited with Jennifer, a former classmate and friend. Friendship soon turns to love, as they both grow closer to God. See how Joshua’s struggle with addiction is made easier with Jennifer by his side, and his love of God grows stronger.
Length: 80 pgs.
WGA Registration #-04538C
Copyright #-8NFNE7

Logline: The Outskirts’ of Gettysburg is based on the lives of three devoted families showing their hospitality towards hundreds of dying & wounded soldiers during the battle of Gettysburg in the era of 1863. Join these brave & daring families as they share their compelling stories during the most dangerous times of the battle.


Synopsis: On July 1, 1863, Tillie Pierce left her home to accompany her neighbor Hettie Schriver and two small children by foot to her parents’ farmhouse, the Weikerts’. A military wagon noticed the girls walking along the side of the road and offered them a ride the rest of the distance several miles from town. During the travel by wagon, the girls found out that Hettie’s parent’s farmhouse was going to be used as a military hospital. Hettie was terrified of her children’s and Tillie’s safety, but insisted on going to her parents because they were expecting her arrival. A short time after their arrival to the farmhouse, nurses and surgeons started arriving. Gunfire could be seen and heard from a short distance from the house. A tremendous amount of wounded soldiers started arriving that evening. Needless to say; there was little sleep that night, knowing how horrific the following day would be.


Little did these three families know that the second day's fighting would rage furiously not even a half a mile from the house. This time of the battle was among the intense and bloody part of the entire battle. Hettie, along with her two small children, Tillie, and the Weikerts’ rushed around the house as they assisted in nursing the wounded and dying soldiers. As artillery shells whizzed overhead and burst around the house; setting everyone in great fear, the three families were ordered by military staff to leave the farmhouse until it was safe for them to return. A tremendous amount of lives were saved during the second day’s battle including General Brig, General Stephen Weed and Col. William Colvill.


 Join these brave & daring families as they share their compelling stories during the most dangerous times of the battle.


Length: 98 pgs.
WGA Registration #-R13938-00
Copyright #-PAu2-946-770
Logline: Mary, a young woman, leaves an abusive relationship and marries the man of her dreams. The abusive ex-boyfriend comes back into the picture as he takes her hostage. Join Scott as he frantically searches for his pregnant wife, in hopes of finding her in time.

Synopsis: Mary is a young woman in her mid twenties. She finds herself in a relationship with a man named Bobby, who soon proves himself to be a very abusive and possessive man. After a few years of abuse, Mary decides she has had enough. She finds the courage to leave Bobby and venture out on her own. Mary finds a job as a cashier in a local grocery store making just enough money to get along. She soon meets the man of her dreams and falls in love. Scott is a kind and gentle man who also happens to be her supervisor. Her life is finally beginning to come together. Little does Mary know that Bobby is about to reenter her life in a very dramatic way. Bobby has been arrested and sentenced to one year in jail as an accomplice to a robbery gone bad. While he is in jail, Bobby comes across a newspaper clipping of Scott and Mary’s wedding announcement. Bobby plans his revenge.


The madness is about to begin! When he is released from jail, Bobby goes after Mary. Bobby kidnaps Mary and holds her in a small room. Mary tries to escape thru a window but is caught and put back in the room by Bobby’s new girlfriend. Theresa makes sure Mary is unable to escape by boarding up the only window in the room. Now the only light Mary has is thru a small hole in the bottom of the door. Bobby once again begins his abuse of Mary.


Meanwhile, Mary’s husband Scott frantically searches for Mary in hopes of finding her in time. After weeks of searching and pleading for Mary’s return hope is near. Miraculously Mary is found alive but badly injured. Bobby is killed by the police as he tries to make his escape. Mary soon gives birth to a healthy baby against all odds. Mary and Scott are free now to begin their life together.
(Animation) JAZZ CAT  (Animation)
Adventure/Comedy Animation
Length: 66 pgs.
WGA Registration #-R20432
Copyright #-PAu3-029-513
Logline: Follow this fantastic feline fantasy as Rat Cat is separated from his sister in the big city, and finds adventure and excitement as he searches for her.

Synopsis: Two young brother and sister cats named Rat Cat and Peaches find themselves alone in the big city. Luckily, Peaches gets a loving home right away. Unfortunately, Rat Cat is not that lucky. He finds himself alone in a dark back alley, and soon makes friends with three street cats named Smokey, Digger, and Spike. The adventure & excitement are about to begin!


Eating from dumpsters becomes the norm. While Smokey is eating from the dumpster one night, a dump truck arrives and Smokey finds himself dumped inside with the trash. Rat Cat, Digger, and Spike follow the dump truck to the dump, in hopes of rescuing Smokey. When the dump truck comes to a halt, Smokey falls to the ground none the worst for wear. After the big adventure, all four cats head back to town. As they walk down a dark alley, Digger notices a sign for a Jazz Festival that is scheduled for the following night. Rat Cat wants disparately to attend the festival, in hopes of being reunited with his sister. As they continue walking, they approach an SPCA. Rat Cat talks Digger, Smokey, and Spike into going inside to see if his sister is there. Peaches is no where to be found. While inside, they begin to feast on an open bag of cat food. A caretaker pulls up, and all of the cats run to hide.


As Rat Cat, Digger, Smokey, and Spike are on their way back to the big city, Smokey notices two rottweiler dogs, and begin to show off teasing the dogs. Digger, Spike, and Rat Cat stand by as Smokey approaches the dogs slowly, and then runs in the opposite direction as he gets a little to close. Of course, everyone wants Smokey to tease the dogs again, but Smokey decides they should get home to get cleaned up for the festival. As they walk down the street, Smokey notices a car wash not far from them. He suggests they all go thru the wash to get clean for the big event. Rat Cat, Digger, and Spike agree to go thru with Smokey’s idea. All four get a refreshing bath.


Moments later, Smokey, Rat Cat, Digger, and Spike make it home. After resting a while, they all head for the Jazz Festival. When they make it to the festival, Rat Cat is taught how to slow dance with a cat named Miss Kitty. She tells him of a new neighboring cat named Peaches. Finally, Rat Cat and Peaches are reunited. As they are getting caught up, Rat Cat notices the rottweiler dogs, and decides to impress his sister by teasing them.


Unfortunately, Rat Cat isn’t as lucky as Smokey. He is badly beaten. Peaches insist on taking Rat Cat home with her. Fortunately, Peaches owner takes Rat Cat in. Rat Cat and Peaches can now begin their life together in a big city with new found friends.

Romance/Coming of age
Length: 104 pgs.
WGA Registration #-I20468
Copyright #-PAu2-946-768
Logline: Tommy, a young man desiring to be freed from the torments of schizophrenia, must overcome the strongholds within him. Follow Tommy through his childhood into manhood, as he struggles to control the conflicting voices within.

Synopsis: Tommy is a young high school student when the first symptoms of schizophrenia begin their torment. Tommy tries hard to hide the fact that he is hearing voices, but soon his secret is out. He is teased and tormented by the other students in school. School officials soon realize that Tommy can no longer remain in school without being a disruption to the other students. They suggest to Tommy’s mother that she withdraw him from school and place him in a more appropriate setting. At their suggestion, Tommy’s mother seeks professional help for him and withdraws him from school. The psychiatrist prescribes for Tommy a medication for his schizophrenia. Tommy struggles to be accepted in a cruel world. As luck would have it, Tommy gets a job at a local fast food restaurant. Things seem to be going well until the voices begin their torment once again. Eventually Tommy loses his job as he begins to respond to the evil spirits within. Tommy’s sister Tammy is his strongest supporter. On the day of Tammy’s wedding, Tommy’s father says something that hurts him deeply. He says that Tommy will never know the joys of marriage. Tommy is hurt beyond all belief but is determined to prove his father wrong. As the voices continue to torment and accuse, Tommy seeks help from his psychiatrist. His doctor put him on an even stronger medication in hopes of putting the voices to rest. Soon Tommy gets a different job at a local gas/auto station and things begin to look up.


Friendship soon turns to love between Tommy and Sharon, a long time friend. Join Tommy and Sharon as they begin their life together. See how Tommy struggles with the simplest things in life and grows into manhood. Although the voices never completely stop, Tommy has come to realize that love conquers all.

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