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Short Screenplays

The Following Short Screenplays Are Available For Purchase:
(NEW) Bondage (NEW)
Length: 1 pg.
WGA Registration #-02503C
Logline: What do you suppose Alex is being chased by?
(NEW)Forgiving Baggage (NEW)
Length: 3 pgs.
WGA Registration #-01573C
Logline: John is carrying a heavy backpack. What do you suppose it contains?
Dark Mist
Length: 2 pgs.
WGA Registration #-I16385
Logline: A dark mist appears from under water. What do you suppose it is?
Past Conviction
Length: 14 pgs.
WGA Registration #-I63084

Log-line: A teenage boy is tempted to use drugs. Does he resist the temptation?

If interested in any of my short screenplays, please email me at:
Script Services Now Available!
Email me your script & I'll doctor it up for a small fee!
Got an idea in your head & don't know how to get it on paper? If so, email me at: and I'll write your short screenplay for you!
*All of my short screenplays are WGA Registered*